Kalpataru group has always firmly believed in giving back to the community, and has accordingly been consistently dedicating resources to do its part for the welfare of the people. Listed below are some of our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Employee Volunteering - Sparsh


Merry Morning

Employees donated over 300 hygiene kits containing morning essentials to the kids from lower income group families in schools in rural Maharashtra.


Science fair for the community

Volunteers from Kalpataru’ s Thane project participated in the Science fair organized by the kids supported by our CSR initiative to demonstrate simple science experiments to the community. Over 200 children from the community were thrilled by the experiments.

Kalpataru educational visit to the butterfly garden

Educational visit to the Butterfly garden

Children from our Community Learning Centre (CLC), Thane -Doorstep school were taken on a guided nature-walk by the volunteers from Kalpataru to observe different species of butterflies, and the habitat in which they live. Post the visit, children were engaged in art and craft activities to reinforce what they saw and learnt during their visit.

Kalpataru the wish tree

The Wish Tree

Focused on 'The Joy of Giving', the wishes of more than 100 girls, aged between 6 to 14 years, residing at Ma Niketan (shelter home in Thane), were fulfilled by the efforts of almost 100 Kalpataru employees. The wishes of these girls were shared through "The Wish Tree" and the employees were free to select the wish of a child and fulfil it.
The children were then invited to the head office for Children's Day where each child was handed over her wish by respective employees. Post fulfilling the wishes of the children each employee had to tie a golden ribbon to the tree to commemorate their wish coming true. The smile on the faces of the children and the employees blossomed "The Wish Tree" into "A Smiley Tree".

Kalpataru special day with special children

Special day with special children

Kalpataru volunteers spent quality time with special children at JIDD (a school in Thane), showed keen interest in understanding the issues faced by these children and donated gardening equipment to the school.

Kalpataru donate a library

Donate a Library

A special book-donation drive, where employees donated close to 500 books, will benefit over 250 students in a nearby school and enable inculcating reading-habits among the children

Kalpataru mock job interviews for under privileged youth

Mock job interviews for under privileged youth

Mock job interviews are conducted for youth from lower income group communities being trained in hospitality and customer service/retail by a reputed NGO. The initiative aims to increase the confidence of the youth by providing information on drafting a CV, different strategies of facing interviews, body language, grooming, dressing, etc. This a great opportunity for the NGO to help the youth to gain an insight into what the corporates/ employers are looking for in candidates.

Kalpataru volunteering at an old-age home

Volunteering at an old-age home

Volunteers from different departments of Kalpataru spent some quality time with the senior citizens at a nearby old-age home. It was a memorable experience for the volunteers to conduct various fun filled activities for them.

Kalpataru collaboration with ADAPT

Collaboration with ADAPT

Kalpataru collaborated with an NGO called ADAPT (formerly known as Spastic society of India) to provide a platform to the especially abled children to showcase their talent. Every year initiatives are organized which sensitize the staff in an inclusive work environment. The employees engage with the children through activities like designing and making special rakhis for their loved ones, or painting umbrellas and thereafter raising funds by selling them.

Kalpataru mentoring sessions for youth

Mentoring sessions for youth

Our volunteers undertook mentoring sessions for more than 100 teenagers in 2 institutions near our project. Mentors offered guidance and motivation by sharing their experience and learning from their respective careers. In addition, they were also made aware of the importance of personal safety by subject experts from an NGO.

Kalpataru environment day

Environment Day

Kalpataru celebrates Environment Day not only at the workplace but also extends it to project sites and community. Every year some initiative like a tree plantation drive, a display of medicinal plants or reusing used plastic bottles as planters for indoor plants is planned to raise awareness about environment related issues.

Kalpataru the magic hat

The Magic Hat

Kalpataru conducted an old and new toy donation drive at Kalpataru Synergy for an NGO called Toy Bank. The NGO supports the right to play for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. We collected more than 500 toys and volunteers helped in sorting, cleaning, packing and distribution of the toys. They also organised various interactive activities for the children and carried out the toy distribution in a systematic way.

Kalpataru blood donation

Blood donation

Kalpataru joined hands with SBTC (State Blood Transfusion Council) to regularly organize several Blood Donation Drives in its office premise.


Kalpataru hamara station hgamari shaan

Kalpataru supports “Hamara Station Hamari Shaan” (Our Station, Our Pride)

Kalpataru sponsored the creative makeover of 4 railway stations through Hamara Station Hamari Shaan, a joint initiative of ‘Mumbai FIRST’ and ‘Making A Difference’ in collaboration with the Western and Central Railways. Over 200 employees from Kalpataru volunteered in the cleaning and painting of booking-windows, platform entrances, railings and foot over-bridges to transform the look and user-experience across 4 railway stations on the Central and Western suburban local train-lines in Mumbai.

Kalpataru majhe thane sunder thane

“Majhe Thane Sunder Thane” (Our Thane, Beautiful Thane)

Kalpataru Group joined hands with the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) for a large-scale citywide neighbourhood cleanliness campaign, in keeping with the nationwide Swachh Bharat Mission. Over 300 volunteers from Kalpataru Ltd & KORUM Mall, along with the residents of Siddhachal and Tarangan, participated.

Kalpataru mobile toilets across Panvel

Mobile toilets across Panvel

Kalpataru supported the Panvel Municipal Corporation in its initiative to set up mobile toilets across Panvel, to address the problem of open defecation and improving hygiene and sanitation as an integral part of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. Installation, cleaning and maintenance of more than 100 mobile toilets for the agreed upon duration and locations was done by the identified execution partner.

Kalpataru water cooler installation

Water cooler Installation

Over 300 children at a local school in Pipar, Rajasthan benefited from access to clean potable water via the installation of a water cooler donated as a part of our CSR initiatives.

Kalpataru swachh bharat pakhwada

Swachh Bharat Pakhwada Support

In support of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs appeal, several volunteering initiatives like cleanliness drives in public spaces, awareness lectures in Zilla Parishad schools, marches to create awareness in the neighbourhood, awareness talks for construction laborers about importance of swachhata, and Internal Awareness campaigns in support of the themes for the “Swachh Bharat Pakhwada”, were organised across Kalpataru projects during a fortnight dedicated to cleanliness.

Kalpataru swachh bharat abhiyaan

Cleanliness drives to support Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

As part of contributing towards the upkeep of our surrounding areas, there are dedicated efforts for carrying out the cleaning of slums adjoining our project sites. Fogging for mosquito-control and larvicidal control treatment, are conducted for the benefit of the residents in these areas.
Kalpataru and the Federation of Siddhachal, Thane organised a cleanliness drive in Oct 2015 where more than 200 volunteers volunteered to clean the neighbourhood.

Kalpataru rural sanitation project

Rural sanitation project

Kalpataru supported the SKS Chakshu Foundation in building 10 toilets in rural Panvel. The partner-NGO is working towards "Open Defecation Free" villages, by providing individual household toilets and ensuring a long term impact by tracking usage and monitoring behavioural change. The process is backed by a GPS-enabled Mobile App to accurately map the location of all toilets, and monitor quality compliance.

Kalpataru waste-recycling for fund generation

Waste-recycling for fund generation

Old and discarded items like newspapers, magazines, plastic, brochures, pamphlets, torn files, cartons, gift boxes etc. are regularly donated to an NGO. The funds gathered by the disposal of these items are used for healthcare and education of the poor

Kalpataru swachh bharat abhiyaan

Electric substation in Gujarat

Set up an electric substation to serve the towns of Nakshatrana and Khedoi in Gujarat after the 2001 earthquake.

Kalpataru drinking water system in Pipar

Drinking water system in Pipar

Established a drinking water system for the city of Pipar and its surrounding areas in Rajasthan - a region that has suffered from chronic droughts.


Vermicomposting at Kalpataru Synergy

Vermicomposting at Kalpataru Synergy

Our head office in Mumbai composts all its wet organic garbage and waste food via vermicomposting. The resulting mulch and manure is used in the landscaped areas in our office complex. We have similarly used and provided Organic Waste Convertors (OWC) in some of our projects to convert wet organic waste into compost/manure for use in their gardens/landscaped areas.

Animal Welfare

Kalpataru supports various organization who undertake initiatives for animal welfare.

Kalpataru beautification and maintenance of public spaces

Beautification and maintenance of public spaces

Beautification and maintenance of traffic islands, central medians, public gardens and tree plantation programs to improve the cityscape in partnership with government authorities like MMRDA, MCGM, TMC and PMC.

Solar water-heating system

Installed solar water-heating systems at some of our projects which are estimated to prevent emissions of 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide (as per Ministry of New and Renewable Energy statistics) per year per flat.

Health and Education


Continuing our efforts for making schools a better and vibrant place to study!

2 new classrooms were constructed by Kalpataru in a school in the vicinity of our project in Pune. The existing building space was cramped and the school was  forced to club classes together to accommodate children. The new classrooms will enable the children to study comfortably.

Kalpataru animal welfare

Community Learning Centre Setup

To support education for more than 100 first-generation learners in the community, a Community Learning Centre (CLC) and Study Class to augment the teaching at school has been setup.

Kalpataru mini-Science Centres in Schools

Mini-Science Centres in Schools

Kalpataru is setting up Mini-Science Centres in schools around its project sites. The initiative includes installation of 60 table-top interactive models/exhibits along with informational backdrops and user manuals. It will enable better understanding of principles of Science and Mathematics for students of class 5th to class 10th. 9 such centres have been set up till date.

Kalpataru computer Learning Centre Setup

Computer Learning Centre Setup

A Computer Learning Centre has been established within the community in Thane to enable close to 200 children in the community to gain access to basic computer education for free at their doorstep.

Kalpataru killekars - The Fort Makers

Killekars - The Fort Makers

We support the citywide initiative Killekar, to raise awareness about the upkeep and cleanliness of our heritage buildings, especially forts. Children from schools and societies of Thane participated in various competitions like photography, essay-writing, fort making, etc. Our employees also participated in the fort-making competition, and created masterpieces out of mud. The prize distribution ceremony was organized in KORUM and was attended by local dignitaries.

Kalpataru ambulance service in Pipar

Ambulance service in Pipar

For providing more timely access to better medical facilities to the residents of Pipar, a new ambulance was donated. The ambulance will immensely benefit the community and be used to offer free/subsidized service to the residents for taking patients to Jodhpur (which is 60kms away)

Kalpataru aid and Rehabilitation for People with Parkinson’s

Aid and Rehabilitation for People with Parkinson’s (PwPs)

Kalpataru supports the Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Society (PDMDS) which aids the treatment and rehabilitation of People with Parkinson's (PwPs) and their caregivers, through support centres providing physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy, diet and nutrition, and alternative creative therapies. This is done through a home outreach program, patient welfare program, counselling and awareness sessions

Kalpataru support to Vision Foundation of India

Support to Vision Foundation of India

Kalpataru is associated with The Rashtriya Netra Yagna (a project of Vision Foundation India) for reducing avoidable blindness among the under-privileged. It supports the Vision Foundation in conducting awareness camps for vision-related diseases, free eye-check-up camps, and cataract operations for the poor.

Kalpataru healthcare for construction labour

Healthcare for construction laborers

Medical camps, vaccination drives, and periodic visits by doctors to various Kalpataru project sites are organized to look after the well-being of laborers wherein free medical consultation and medicines are provided. Laborers across sites are checked for vision related ailments and HIV though check-ups and awareness camps.

Kalpataru mobile creches

Mobile Creches

We operate creches at several of our sites, via specialist NGOs offering day-care, and even basic schooling to young children of our site workers. The emphasis is on appropriate activities for the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of the children in each of the various age-groups.

Kalpataru infrastructural support to schools

Infrastructural support to schools

In the endeavour to make schools a better place to study, Kalpataru completely revamped a school around one of its project sites. From repair and painting of the building to changing doors, windows, interiors, toilets, landscaping, fencing, etc. Kalpataru also donated computers, stationery, furniture and electrical items to a primary school in a rural part of Maharashtra.

Kalpataru free mobile eye check-up and surgical camp

Free Mobile Eye check-up and surgical camp

Organized a Free Mobile Eye check-up and surgical camp for the citizens of Pipar and its neighbouring cities. This camp was conducted for ten days, with a record of 45 doctors. We successfully treated approximately 9000 people at this camp.

Osteopathy Camps

Conducted under the auspices of The Munot Foundation, a public charitable trust, various Osteopathy camps have been organised at Kalpataru Synergy in Mumbai.